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History of the Bible

Historical and Geographic Basis of the Bible

Archaeological Discoveries Related to the Bible, Part 1 - pdf

Archaeological Discoveries Related to the Bible, Part 2 - pdf

The Old Testament: "Ins" and "Outs" and Other Facts

The New Testament: "Ins" and "Outs" and Other Facts

Studying the Bible

History of Bible Translation


2-Week Guided Bible Tour - pdf, to print

2-Week Introduction to the Old Testament - Interactive

4-Weeks With the New Testament - Inateractive

28-Days For New Christians - Interactive

30-Days With Jesus - Interactive

30 Bible Stories You May Not Have Heard - Interactive

60-Days of Bible Stories You Should Know - Interactive

Read the Entire Bible in One Year - Interactive

Read the Entire Bible in One Year - pdf, to print

(For Kids and Adults)
In the Beginning:

And God Said, "Let There Be" - pdf

Creation Slide Presentation - pdf


One Starry Night - pdf

Happy Birthday Isaac - pdf

Abraham is Severely Tested - pdf


The Hairy One and the Deceiver - pdf

Stairway to Heaven - pdf

Joseph and his Fancy Coat:

The Dreamer - pdf

Things Get Messy - pdf

The Dream Interpreter - pdf

Family Reunion - pdf

Moses Leads, the Israelites Follow:

Happy Birthday Moses - pdf

Moses Messes Up / God speaks to him - pdf

Flies, Boils, Gnats, Frogs...O My! - pdf

We're Outta Here - pdf

Heading to Sinai - pdf

Moses' Mountaintop Experience - pdf

Calf of Gold - pdf

Scouting Out the Promised Land - pdf

Conquest of the Promised Land:

Land of Milk and Honey - pdf

The Walls Came Tumbling Down - pdf

The Ais Have It - pdf

The Judges Lead (Samson, Deborah and Gideon):

The Beauty and the Incredible Hulk - pdf

Stuck in a Quagmire - pdf

Gideon Toots His Own Horn - pdf

Ruth and Naomi:

Where You Go I Will Go - pdf


Saul Anointed King - pdf

Death of Saul - pdf


Big Bad Goliath - pdf

David Anointed by Samuel - pdf

David Captures Jebus - pdf

David Messes Up - pdf


Solomon Succeeds His Dad - pdf

Prosperity Before the Storm - pdf

A Tale of Two Kingdoms - pdf

Ahab, Jezebel and Elijah:

Ahab and Jezebel - pdf

Trust Me - pdf

My God's Bigger and Tougher Than Your's - pdf

Elijah Runs Away - pdf

You Have Led Israel Into Sin - pdf

Jezebel Gone to the Dogs - pdf

Elijah's Understudy - pdf

Judah and Israel: A Tale of Two Kingdoms:

The Fall of the Northern Kingdom - Gone and Forgotten - pdf

The Fall of the Southern Kingdom - Gone and Not Forgotten - Part 1 - pdf

The Fall of the Southern Kingdom - Gone but Not Forgotten - Part 2 - pdf

Daniel's Den of Lions - pdf

Babylon: We're Outta Here - pdf


A Brave Queen Stops a Genocide - pdf

Return to Jerusalem:

Nehemiah: Let's Get it Right This Time - pdf

The Prophets:

Isaiah - "There's a Naked Man Outside" - pdf

Amos - Shepherd and Fig Grower from Tekoa - pdf

Hosea - His Life Mirrored God's Relationship with Israel - pdf

Jonah's Big Fish Tale - pdf

Jesus' Life and Ministry:

Who Is Jesus?

Summary of Jesus' Life

Jesus' Life (A Virtual Tour)

Jesus' Miracles

Jesus' Sayings

Jesus' Teachings

Paul's Missionary Journeys (A Virtual Tour):

The Road to Damascus

First Missionary Journey

Second Missionary Journey

Third Missionary Journey

Voyage to Rome

Seven Cities of Revelation (A Virtual Tour):

Ephesus (Forsaken its first love)

Smyrna (The persecuted church. Do not be afraid.)

Pergamum (Where satan has his throne)

Thyatira (Tolerant of a Jezebel within the church)

Sardis (The dead church. Wake up!)

Philadelphia (The faithful church)

Laodicea (The lukewarm church)

Bonus stops at Colossae and Hierapolis, neighboring cities of Laodicea